Educational Program Beliefs
  • Parents are an integral part of a student’s education
  • Instructional activities are integrated, meaningful, and related to life outside of the classroom
  • Curriculum is individualized to meet student’s needs so that different modalities/styles are acknowledged and addressed
  • Students are encouraged to master academic skills to the best of their ability
  • Students have the opportunity to go beyond grade level expectations
  • There is an understanding of the importance of both process and product
  • Instructional activities inspire enthusiasm and interest in the subject

Educational Program Goals
  • Students will be encouraged to be self-motivated and life-long learners, primarily through self-directed opportunities pursued by the student and facilitated by Vantage Point Charter staff, with the support of parents.  This sense of ownership naturally elicits enthusiasm, interest and involvement. 
  • Vantage Point Charter students will perform and achieve as well as or better than students in the district’s traditional school.
  • Knowledge and demonstration of integrated learning across major subject areas will be evaluated through assessment tools.